Paddock BELT® is a unique way to relax the upper part of your 1 piece leathers whilst relaxing with a cool drink after a ride out, walking around at race meets or working in the paddock putting tyre warmers on or just relaxing before the next event.

It will offer you free movement of the upper torso and the ability to stay cooler on hot or warm days, giving you the freedom of a 2 piece!

It has been carefully designed to make sure it’s modern, lightweight, effective and easily stowed inside your leathers whilst riding. It has been designed with the rider in mind therefore has no bulky quick release buckles or plastic that might scar your leathers or make it uncomfortable to wear inside your pocket. The belt comes in 2 sizes. Medium which will fit from a 26" to 40" waist with leathers and a large which will fit up to a 50" waist with leathers which can be easily adjusted in seconds.

Paddock BELT® can also be worn with a 2 piece leather suit helping the stretched leather trousers stay up. The practicality doesn’t stop there, they also look great with armoured jeans and will stop your button or conventional belt scratching your petrol tank.

Simply take the lightweight Paddock BELT® from your pocket wrap it around your waist and zip off your leathers, it’s that simple and that effective! Leaving both your arms free to do what you like.
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